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These are just a few examples of my clients' recent experiences. My clients have said they would be happy to speak to you, if you would like a little more info please don't hesitate to contact me.


Inch loss


Stress and Anxiety

Baby Bonding

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IBS Hypnotherapy

"I have suffered with IBS for quite some time following surgery for removal of my gallbladder a few years ago. I had cramps and pains and needed to visit the toilet very regularly and rapidly on a daily basis, which meant I couldn’t leave the house on a morning and always needed to know where toilets were when I was out.


I was advised to try hypnotherapy with Tracey Brennan who specialises in the treatment of IBS. As an older man I was a little unsure what this was all about, but I was so desperate I had got to the point I would do anything to get my life back.

After 3 sessions my cramps and pain eased, I used the free MP3 Tracey gave me every day . After 4 sessions my toilet visits were back to normal. In total I had six sessions.


Thanks to Tracey I am now back to near normal and feeling more relaxed to venture out socially. If you are in a similar situation as I was I would definitely recommend giving hypnotherapy a go.

Mr W. G. Jones age 78, 

Hypnotherapy for inch loss

"I had heard that this works and I wanted to lose some of my bulge, so I thought, why not try it and give it a go!

This was a four week course and hopefully would work just before Christmas.

I went to the first session with another colleague. I went in with an open mind, I have had relaxation sessions with Tracey previously and enjoyed them all. We got measured before the session started. I did find this session quite emotional , I think this might have had an impact on my fantastic outcome! I did get upset through the session. We were given an audio to listen to. I listened to this every night, most nights twice.

The second week, we got measured at the beginning of the session and to my surprise, BIG surprise, I had lost 12 inches!!! WOW. We settled down and started getting into the zone, this was better, no tears! The following week I had been poorly and didn’t think I would lose anymore – to my amazement I had lost another 7 inches. 

My final week of hypnosis, this was a very relaxing session. Once again I had lost even more! In total I have lost 23.5 inches.  I don’t know how this works - but it does. Fantastic !

I normally don’t drink water. In the sessions Tracey does speak of drinking cool crystal clear water!! Obviously, this has stayed with me, I drink plenty of water now. I just need to keep this up – keep drinking the water and exercising, hopefully I will not put the inches back on! 

Tracey has a very soft gentle relaxing voice and is very easy to listen to. I really enjoyed these sessions and found them very relaxing. I would certainly recommend anyone to give it a go and try for themselves. 

Thank you very much, I’ve enjoyed the full experience."

Lynn age 55, 


"I completed the 4 week programme and lost 16 inches in total and would most definitely recommend this programme of treatment. Psychologically my mindset has changed and it has re programmed how I think about the volume of foods I now eat. It’s a realistic introduction to relaxing the mind allowing your conscience to re-programme how you think about food!

Physically I have lost 16 inches which is an excellent motivating factor to keep me focused.Hypnosis has essentially opened my mind to think majorly different about the foods I eat and when. The relaxation and deep hypnosis felt so natural and I would most definitely recommend Tracey and her hypnoslimmer programme to anyone who would like to persue a different positive perspective on changing a lifestyle habit.

Most definitely a successful programme for that I will not be hesitating to recommending to others.

Thank you Tracey X"


Alison age 43 




"I can’t recommend Tracey and her practice enough. I completed my programme a couple of months ago and wanted to wait to comment and to see how I was progressing. 

Hypnosis is most definitely a proven way of breaking a habit/cycle. I’ve proved that. My relationship with food has changed, I don’t over eat, I’m now experiencing different energy levels and feel much healthier. My subconscious has helped conquer many other aspects, I now have more confidence, a higher general self esteem as the highs and lows that come with over eating can be difficult. 

The relaxation during sessions places your mind in a state where you can be in control. With the help of Tracey you can be that person with positive thoughts that become effective actions. Hypnosis can focus on one aspect/problem  initially but can help with a bigger picture and the whole well being. 

If you want to make changes in your life and go onto maintain this?? Hypnosis can work for you... like it did me."

 P age 45, 

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"As a woman of a certain age (menopause looming) loosing weight was getting harder and harder, l had tried everything or so I thought ! Decided on a friend's recommendation to give Hypnotherapy a try and it works ! Its not about dieting or changing what you eat it seems to make you more aware of when you are actually hungry and more importantly when you’ve had enough, l actually found myself saying no to cake, which is unheard of !!! I had my initial session with Tracey and she provided me with a recording that I listened to every morning, easy to fit into the day, followed by 3 more sessions. I stopped obsessing about my weight, measurements were taken and the fit of my clothes were enough evidence that it works. Try it, it works !"


C age 51, 

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I was initially a little apprehensive but was looking for something that would help with stress and thought l'd give it a try, I needn't have worried it was amazing, immediately after the first session I felt as though a weight had been lifted, my shoulders were less tense and I felt more relaxed, this feeling continued and l slept well for the next few nights ! Tracey is an excellent practitioner who immediately puts you at ease, I would definitely recommend her .


Tina age 50, 



Stress and teamwork 

I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Tracey as an individual and  have also attended group sessions.   Tracey is extremely professional and knowledgeable, I think helped by the fact that she is a nurse.  She has a very caring approach and immediately puts you at ease,   I attended to help with relaxation and found the sessions very beneficial,  I would highly recommend her service and have no hesitation in recommending her.


Jackie age 49,



I had my first hypnotherapy session after hearing a lot about it but still feeling sceptical. I felt very relaxed during the session, Tracey has a very calming presence and I got the sense that she really cares about you having a positive experience. I feel this could be a good coping strategy for anxiety sufferers.


Jess age 25, 


Pre Wedding Stress

The sessions that I received to help calm my stress levels leading up to my wedding where absolutely amazing, I cannot recommend it enough.  Tracey talks so calmly with a soothing voice.  On the day of my wedding my close friends who had been there with me through all the planning of our big day could not believe how calm I was. Through the day from getting ready, to the service and walking down the aisle (where your nerves usually kick in) I was so chilled and relaxed without a care in the world, even though there was a huge hic-cup before the service!! Don't let stress ruin your day give hypnotherapy a try you won't be disappointed .


Julie age 49, 

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Baby Bonding


"I have had a few hypnotherapy sessions with Tracey.  I have had individual ones and group sessions.  I feel I go deeper into hypnosis every time I have a session. When I found out I was pregnant we decided to start baby bonding hypnotherapy sessions.  I have had about three sessions now and I could not recommend it enough.  There are points in pregnancy where you do not feel pregnant and to have a session at this point does really help you bond with your baby and picture how your baby is growing.  I feel relaxed and comfortable with Tracey.  I think this is helped by the fact that she is a nurse and I know that I am in safe hands." 


Claire age 26, 

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