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Why do I have a special interest in golf?

My son Alex is a PGA Golf Professional, based at the Golf Performance Institute in Billingham. He has developed a reputation for delivering a first class golfing experience to all ages and abilities and is an expert on short and long game development.


Over many years of blood, sweat and tears we witnessed and experienced first hand that golf is a mental game - at least 80% of a golfer’s score depends on how well he/she thinks. You will already know how easy it is for your subconscious mind to sabotage your game using negative thoughts, filling you with self-doubt that carries over into your next shot or even next game. 

“Golf is played mainly on a five and a half inch course, the space between your ears”
Bobby Jones.


The brain can’t distinguish between doing something or imagining doing something, so being able to visualise winning a game or competition can help tune your mind for success. If the human mind is capable of imagining something, it's capable of making it happen. Just think back to the day when you spent 4 peaceful hours playing great golf, shot after shot going just where you wanted: that was time well spent on 'you'. On that day, you felt like you really achieved something. You left the course knowing that you were 'in the zone' feeling good, feeling confident, feeling completely satisfied, knowing that on that day you unleashed something deep inside. Through hypnotherapy these positive thoughts can be harnessed and become your superpower.

The whole secret to mastering the game of golf - and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro - is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top” 


Arnold Palmer


How can hypnotherapy help with golf performance?

Hypnotherapy been used for many years to help professional and amateur golfers enhance their natural ability. One of the most famous champion golfers is Tiger Woods: he has used hypnotherapy from being a child to enhance his game.


Now be the Champion you deserve to be!

Hypnosis can help you to re-programme your mind to go into auto pilot whenever you are feeling stressed, fear, or performance anxiety. As your hypnotherapist, using hypnosis I will communicate with your subconscious mind to change the negative behaviours, habits and patterns that you have developed. All of the positive suggestions given during your sessions will be implanted with or without your conscious awareness and worked upon automatically by your subconscious mind.

Designed around your specific issues, together we will look at how to:

  • Increase your focus and confidence.

  • Increase your motivation and dedication.

  • Overcome distractions.

  • Play better under pressure. 

  • RELAX and have fun.

  • REMOVE negative thoughts or beliefs.


Everyone is different, so the number of sessions and responses will vary. Examples of tailored approaches include:


  • one-off sessions to address a specific issue

  • a programme of sessions

  • hypnotherapy in combination with expert golf coaching by Alex Shaw, delivering holistic approach to your golf game at every stage. 


The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today.”

Tiger Woods

Come along for a free consultation and taster session and decide if hypnotherapy is for you.



Arnold Palmer (1929-2016) was an American professional golfer who could be regarded as one of the greatest and most charismatic players in the sport history.


Bobby Jones (1902-1971) was an American amateur golfer who, in 1930, became the first man to achieve the golf Grand Slam by winning, in a single year, the four major tournaments of the time.

Tiger Woods (1975-date) is among the most successful golfers of all time, and one of the most popular athletes of the 21st century. He has been one of the highest-paid athletes in the world for several years. 

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