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I have had IBS since my early 20s. Episodes have varied from mild to severe and sometimes quite debilitating, depending on what life has thrown at me. Over the years, I've had many embarrassing experiences, doctors' appointments, medical interventions, invasive tests, drugs and complementary therapies - but none have had a lasting effect.

Does this ring any bells with you?

I now have the skills and tools to help me live with IBS much more comfortably and confidently. IBS no longer rules my life. I know that, if I ever have flare-ups again, I will be able to cope.

Gut-focused Hypnotherapy

Around the world, evidence is showing us that hypnotherapy works well, both on its own and alongside other IBS treatments. ​The hypnotherapy programme I use is tried and tested. Many Healthcare Professionals in the USA and Europe are using the same approach with amazing results.

The mind and body are not separate systems but are linked together. The gut responds to our emotional state, just as the rest of our body does. People sometimes notice that their symptoms are brought on or made worse by excitement, stress and worry, but for others there seems to be no such link. So it follows that, if the gut can be affected by our mind, we can use the mind to alter the way the gut works. 

Tests have shown that hypnotherapy directly affects how the gut is working. It alters the motility of the gut, (how the muscles contract) and also alters the sensitivity of the gut.  Many patients with IBS have an over-sensitive gut, and this often returns to normal after a course of hypnotherapy.  People also tend to feel better in themselves, are more able to cope in general and have a better quality of life.  

The aim of treatment is to put you back in control of the gut, rather than the gut controlling you. 80% of people find that they have no or only mild symptoms after treatment. Although there is no guarantee that you will never experience symptoms again, you will have the skills necessary to bring your IBS under control again at any time. 

What to expect.

You will always be treated as the individual you are and your therapy will be personalised to your needs. Each session lasts up to 45 minutes and most people have seven sessions of hypnotherapy (usually one session every two weeks).


During the first session you will be able to sit in a comfy chair where we will discuss how the condition has affected you. I will explain how hypnotherapy can help your condition and answer any questions. As your Hypnotherapist, I will use my voice and soothing hypnotic music to help guide you into a relaxed trance-like state. Therapy is a two-way partnership, where your active involvement and participation in the treatment is crucial. Between sessions it is important that you practise the skills you have learned. 

On your second appointment you will be given an MP3 sound file taken directly from your session. You should listen to the MP3 at least five times per week if possible.

The aim of the treatment is for you to gain the skills necessary to control any symptoms as quickly as possible, wherever and whenever you need them. It is not possible to say when a person will start to improve. Some people notice a change after one or two sessions, some on completion of treatment, while others take longer. Often, the benefits last for quite sometime, even years.

gut brain picture.png

It's time to get your life back!

I am very excited to be able to share this therapy with you. I want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of a calm, comfortable and controlled gut.

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