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Although I have been going through the menopause myself for quite some time, I realise that I have not suffered quite as severely as some of my colleagues and friends. Many reported struggling with problems such as hot flushes, night sweats, lack of sleep, memory loss and stress, all of which have knock on effects on mood, work, relationships and sexual health/intimacy. A few ladies opted for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) but are unhappy or wary about doing so.


Current research suggests that Clinical Hypnotherapy may offer a safe, simple and effective alternative to ease these symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is often successful when other methods of treatments have failed because it can harness the power of the sub-conscious mind. It is safe and effective therapy that can be used treat Peri-menopausal and Menopausal problems for both women and men.


For many people, the menopause is a miserable time during which they try a range of non-hormonal therapies for hot flushes such as black cohosh, evening primrose oil and ginseng, or complementary therapies such as yoga and acupuncture. Lots of  women, including myself, try one thing after another, and it can be months or years before they decide that something works.  Equally, sticking with therapies that really don't work only prolongs the misery.

A panel of experts commissioned by the North American Menopause Society concluded that there was solid evidence that both Clinical Hypnotherapy and other behavioural therapies were beneficial. By contrast, there was very little evidence that exercise, vitamins or known herbal remedies gave any relief at all when it came to symptoms such as hot flushes, although they may have other health benefits. Their report showed that Hypnosis was almost uniquely effective in alleviating symptoms of the menopause. 

In addition, a recent article in the British Medical Journal stated: 'The NAMS guideline recommends hypnosis for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms, based on randomised controlled trials including women with and without a history of breast cancer demonstrating a statistically significant reduction in the frequency of subjective and objective vasomotor symptoms'. 






The 'male menopause', defined in the English Oxford Dictionary as “a collection of symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in libido, experienced by some and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels”. Men who experience hot flushes are unlikely to talk much about it, but they may find relief from silent suffering if they are willing to try an alternative treatment such as Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Like women, some men develop physical and psychological symptoms when they reach their late 40s and 50s. General lack of energy or enthusiasm, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, mood swings and irritability, poor concentration, fat redistribution, developing a belly and ‘man boobs’! These are but a few of their symptoms.


Hypnotherapy has been shown to be as effective at treating hot flushes as conventional hormone treatment (HRT). People can learn to control their body’s temperature thermostat. There is also a wealth of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in reducing anxiety and treating insomnia. The North American Menopause Society recommends Hypnotherapy, alongside cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), as a non-hormonal treatment for menopausal symptoms.





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It's time to get your life back!

Using hypnotherapy, you can learn how to reduce the number and impact of hot flushes, find ways to sleep better, gain motivation for improving exercise or reducing weight and reduce stress and anxiety.

Your menopausal symptoms are as unique as you are, together we will develop a programme of sessions that are specific to your needs.

Come along for a free consultation and taster session and decide if hypnotherapy is for you.

“Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better,

you have to take things into your own hands.”


Clint Eastwood

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